Building the Base


Last week(Week of Sept. 12th) the update was in my opinion lengthy.  I hope not to be as long this week, but sometimes my thoughts go on and on.

The stories were the same this past week. By now the children should be able to tell you a little bit more about our big bird, Winnie the Pooh, or our bus we take to the park.

We are building on listening for the threes and fours. Dancing body parts, freeze dancing, and now moving using the key word “freeze” in which the children freeze like a popsicle. Our moving has a defined space in which the children move without bumping into one another. Using spatial-awareness the children use their eyes for moving and ears listening to cues (music or the word freeze). Here we have them start slow by walking and then add speed with hopping, galloping, marching/skipping, or running. We will also try moving backwards. For the older kids we add cones to move around. Cones add the difficulty of moving without touching friends or cones.

Our five year olds are using balls. We started with solo rolling, progressed to target rolling, and now rolling with a partner. With the initial rolling the children use gross motor skills to chase their ball. Mostly it’s galloping, skipping, or running. Target rolling requires a straight and mostly non-bouncing ball to hit the target. This is differentiated with rolling to a partner who can move to catch a bad roll. Sometimes with partner rolling I will let them pick a partner, other times I like to give them a partner so they learn how to work with someone different. When working with a partner I choose, I will explain how we are all different and need to learn to work with everyone.

Sometimes at the end of class I let the children use their imagination with the equipment.  Here is a picture of them wearing “party hats”.


With the 5’s we have used my battle rope for team work, tug-o-war, its’ been a snake or sea monster. The kids love it. The picture with the battle rope is not a good one, but the kids were having fun playing tug-o-war with Coach Good. The 5’s also ended with a game called Helicopter. I spin the rope around my body and one at a time they jump the rope. It’s great for coordination and learning timing with a moving object. Sorry the below pic is blurry. It’s hard to take a picture and play tug-o-war.


So here are the skills we learned this week.

3’s and 4’s: Listening is the biggest one. Cues were music and the word freeze. Spatial awareness.

Gross Motor Skills: walking, galloping, hopping, marching, running, 4’s: skipping

5’s: Underhand rolling. Working with a partner.

Gross Motor Skills: Running Galloping, Skipping

I hope you are having a great weekend. Like my Facebook page for more pictures of classes. We also have classes with elementary children.


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