Moving Like an Animal Increases Memory!

Written Last Week Of September

Does your child like to move? Silly question I know. Children love to move and are able to get up and down with ease. As parents we can look in awe at how our children move and as we get older wish we could still do the same.

One of the easiest ways to get children to move is by using animals. Children love animals and it give them a visual and mental picture of how they can move. Some basics are “galloping” like a horse, “hopping” like a bunny or kangaroo, “walk” like a dinosaur, “fly” like a bird, and there are many more.

This week we used animals to “warm-up” the children and get them engaged in the class. Our listening added one last cue. The children would “stop” when the music stopped, “freeze” like a popsicle, “rabbits” sent them to a rabbit hole, and this week was “statues”, in which we became the Statue of Liberty.

Here are some exercised we performed this month:

Ostrich Stretch               Roll Down/Sit-up          Dinosaur Walk/Lunge

Ostrich Stretch


Roll DownDinosaur Walk





Up-side-down Bicycle    Cobra Stretch                 Arrow Stretch









Tree Pose

Tree Pose The exercises aren’t perfect by any means. I like to see the children try. The balance poses are particularly hard but we do have children that do great. The lunge and arrow or similar and most children have a hard time taking a long step and being able to balance. Many times the lunge turns into a fast walk with longer steps. It’s hard to get them to slow it down.

Our words for our papers this week were Aerobic and Calisthenics. We talked about moving fast to make our heart strong and moving slow to make the other muscles strong. This was incorporated with another word from this month -Active. When we are Active we are making our hearts stronger.

Here are some pics from a 5’s class. We incorporated the playground into the obstacle course. Of course they had fun.

Obstacle 1

Obstacle 2

Obstacle 3






I hope you are Active with your children and perhaps have your own Active lifestyle. If you have questions pertaining to an exercise program I would love to help. I am a personal trainer and have trained adults for many years. My group classes always had games which transitioned me to work with kids.

Next month we will start talking about nutrition. Here is the monthly newsletter for October.

Have a great weekend,

Coach Good

Improving Activity for a Lifetime!

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