Airplanes and Stinky Breath

Written week of first week of October 2016

Recently my wife took my grandson Kameron to the Airplane Park. If you haven’t been it’s a great place for kids to play and watch airplanes. Most kids seem to love airplanes of any size, shape, or color. Kameron is no exception to this love of planes. One particular pilot brought his plane close to the fence and did a 360. After the 360 he moved the nose of the plane facing away from the fence and revved his engine one more time. This caused Kameron to run to my wife and exclaim “Nanna, the plane was really loud and its breath stinks.” As funny as that may be, it proves a point that we relate experiences to what we know. The wind from the propeller and the smell of the engine made Kameron think it’s breath stunk.

At Stretch-N-Grow we use limited experience to teach and are building experiences that can be used later in life.  Some examples of this could be shaking a parachute and relate it to making waves. Hopping like a bunny or kangaroo. Swinging like a monkey. Running fast like a race car. Galloping like a horse. Even catching a beanbag or ball with their hands, then a cone, a Lacrosse stick, then perhaps a baseball glove. This last example is how you build from simple to complex.

Using past experiences are a great way to teach and build upon for new experiences. We also use repetition to keep them remembering past lessons. Our listening skills from last month are a foundation for more movement patterns. We are able to get them to stop with different commands, now we can add objects to their hands. Object manipulation is an important part of their development.

This month we have new stories, exercises, and activities. You can check out our Newsletter for details. As I write this it is Wednesday. Today we took a lesson break due to a “Super Hero” Day in honor of the six-year old who passed away.

Last month part of our lesson was Dancing Body Parts. Building on this we added bean bags and the children had to identify a body part by putting the bean bag on the part. Parts of the body might include the head, shoulder, abdominals, gluteus maximus, just to name a few.

Then we would move with the bean bag on that part. At the end of the class we had the children throw and catch the beanbag, then added throwing and catching with a cone.

The five year olds this week have been playing “monkey in the middle”. We have moved from rolling, rolling with a partner, rolling while moving, rolling a goal, to rolling with a partner and keeping the ball away from a third partner. It all about the progression.


Here is a pic of some free time letting the kids see what they can do with a beanbag and cone.

20161003_101024 20161007_102045_001






Below are some of the exercises we have been doing.

Star Stretch                           Bow Stretch               Almost a Grasshopper Jump










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