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I grew up in Michigan as an only child.  We have a lot of jokes in our family about my status as an only child.  To this day I still get blamed for family matters in Michigan.  All I have to do is visit for a couple of days.

I have a lot of great memories growing up.  There was a lot of hard work but I also had a lot of fun.  There was not a sport I did not enjoy playing.  My favorites were baseball and basketball.  I was better than average with those I played with.  I consider baseball to have been my natural choice of sports.  It was what I was best at.

In college I hurt my back.  All the years of hard work made me strong, but not so smart. At the age of twenty began a spiral of injuries that would plague me the rest of my life.  I enjoyed being active so much that I just dealt with it and moved on.  It is also one of the reasons of why I am into being active and working out smart.

I love the study of human movement.  I have a BS in Physical Education and am a certified Personal Trainer.  My goal as a PE teacher and Trainer is to make activity safe and fun.  Over the years I have learned a lot of games that keep children moving, having fun, and being safe.  I teach exercises that develop strong bodies that use their own body weight.  I believe there is a time for weights and machines, but first the child should be able to control their own body weight.  Since they have their bodies with them always, they can exercise anywhere.

Beyond the having fun and exercising, I believe we are here for a higher purpose.  I want to influence children to make right choices and live with integrity.  Before I started my business a couple of middle school children stole guns and killed their teacher and fellow students.  Perhaps if they had someone in their life to influence them in the right direction the event would have never happened.  I wanted to be the person to influence children.  Matthew 5:16 states we should let our “lights shine to all men”. Our light is to shine in order that others are pointed to God.  I am able to teach children in our educational program about God.  That there is a God and He is the reason we are on earth.

Thank you for reading this.  I hope that you have found our program fun for your child and that they have learned a lot in our educational program.

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My name is Tim Good and I am the owner of Stretch-N-Grow of Greenville and ImpAct Youth Fitness.  We provide fitness and physical education programs for preschoolers through teens.  The Stretch-N-Grow    program is specifically designed for preschoolers while the ImpAct program is for elementary age and up.  Our focus is first to honor God with our program.  Matthew 5:16 is the core of who we are.  With this in mind we also provide movement and exercise that is fun for all ages while working on character that develop us a people.


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