S-N-G Newsletter

Welcome to the SNG page.  You will find links that will give you more detailed information about the program your child is participating in.  The program as a whole is built around physical education and fitness.  Particularly for preschoolers we emphasize gross motor skills.  The curriculum incorporated with all of this teaches your child about nutrition, hygiene, attitudes, safety, and of course exercise.  The program for the threes and fours is very similar.  The activities are the same but the level of difficulty is enhanced for their age.  The fives get a more structured program that mirrors what elementary children would receive at public school.  The fives program builds on what the three and fours have learned.

Character is a big deal.  In our programs we constantly focus on attitudes, listening, and following directions.

This year we will be following how we ended classes this summer. Yoga was a successful way the children learned stretching and helped them to learn about character traits. The sequence went as follows:

Warrior 1                   I am Respectful

Warrior 2                   I am Kind

Warrior 3                   I am Fair

Reverse Warrior        I am Making Good Choices

Hero Pose                 I am Honest

We are changing our curriculum this year and as part of the change we are going paperless. For our parent paid programs, you will find downloads of our curriculum and handouts below. For our School Paid programs, Newsletters, Handouts, and weekly letters will be sent to your directors and then sent on to the parents. Everything is still available on the web site.

Elementary school and after-school programs:

At select schools we are doing Adventure Classes. Using our imagination we will be Pirates, Firefighters, Super Heroes, Olympians, and more.

Camperdown Academy

We entering into our Winter Sports. This Fall/Winter we are learning about Basketball. With the popularity of basketball we are teaching the basics in a safe manner in which the kids get maximum exposure the the game. Everyone starts with a warm-up before we “practice” different aspects of the game. Dribbling, passing, and shooting are the basics we will teach in “game” formats but not necessarily a basketball game.

New Speed & Agility Program

We have started a new program for Speed & Agility. We meet twice a week on Monday and Wednesday from 4:30-5:30. The program runs for six weeks. If you want your child to have more than just game experience this may be the class for you. We work on the basics of movement skills while developing strength and game play. Call for free consultation and pricing. 864-787-2714